Here are answers to some of the most frequent portal questions. We hope this will save you some time and make your client portal experience go smoothly.

What’s the link to the portal? Bookmark it for easy, repeat access.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Go to, click “Forgot password,” and follow the prompts. For security reasons, we don’t have access to your password.

What’s my User ID? I don’t have one.

Good news—you do! Your User ID is your email address.

What is the client portal, exactly?

A secure space for clients and staff members to send and receive documents. Multifactor authentication protects clients and staff from password theft. Files are encrypted during transmission and when not being accessed, so they’re safe from start to finish.

Can I use my portal to store my vital documents like scans of my birth certificate, passport, etc.?

No. The portal is not a storage space. Files expire after a period of 180 days. Clients should not be encouraged to use the portal as cloud storage for important documents.

What happens when I sign up for a portal? Do I get instructions?

When a portal is created, you receive two emails from the firm: one contains simple login instructions and the second contains a temporary password. When you first log in, you see a brief tutorial explaining how to use the portal. Because all the portal does is allow you to upload and download files, it’s not complicated. Most people get the hang of it right away.

How do I send and receive files through the portal?

You can upload and download files via the portal site at To upload files to your REM advisor, click the blue “Upload” button and follow the prompts. To download files, check the boxes next to the files you want to download and then click “download.” Follow the prompts to select the destination on your computer you want the files downloaded to.

Who do I contact if I need help with the portal?

Email A portal admin will help you.

Is telephone assistance available?

We are happy to call clients on the phone and walk through portal issues with you. Email us at so we have your information ahead of time to assist you promptly and properly.

Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Email us your question at We’re always glad to help.