Your family’s assets are too important to entrust to anything less than the most knowledgeable and committed of advisors. REM offers high net worth individuals and their families insightful wealth management strategies and personal service that stands out among top New York area certified public accounting firms. If you are seeking family financial management services and household office support, or if you need to establish and implement a smooth asset transfer through estate and trust planning and administration, REM is here for you. We take protecting and nurturing your family’s assets as seriously as you do.


Personal and Family Wealth Management

Our personal and family wealth management services take a comprehensive approach to fiscal responsibility. Looking at income, investments, financial records, and the myriad reporting requirements, we work closely with your legal and other advisors to create a strategy that is tailored to your unique portfolio. Bottom line: you and your family can focus on the joy of living, and let us worry about the details.

We can help you manage your:

  • Global tax minimization and compliance
  • Family office operation and support
  • Philanthropy
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Investments and succession planning

Estate and Gift Planning /
Trust and Estate Administration

Planning for the next generation’s financial needs is one of the most personal responsibilities facing high net worth families. REM is here to ensure the overall structure is sound and the details are met in full, to protect and enhance the financial security of your heirs over the long term. Our estate and tax planning professionals have the deep knowledge and long experience your family’s assets or business merit.