Small and mid-sized entities face a unique technological challenge: the task of optimizing the performance of critical business systems in an environment where hardware becomes rapidly obsolete.

Raich Ende Malter stays at the leading edge of technology and makes its knowledge base available to small and mid-sized businesses. With over 25 years of information technology and networking experience, REM IT Advisory Services offers innovative yet practical solutions on a consulting and short-term contract basis.

Contact us for a confidential consultation to discuss your IT and networking needs.

solutions includE:


Network Engineering and Troubleshooting

  • Basic setups

  • Hardware solutions


Office / Guest Wifi

  • Basic setups and hardware solutions

Server Administration / Virtualization

  • Server patching

  • Server virtualization

  • Hardware and hosting solutions

Backup Disaster Recovery

  • DR planning / testing / response

  • Backup planning / testing

Compliance Consulting

  • NIST 800

  • PCI

  • GDPR

  • NYCRR500

Real-World IT Best Practices

  • VOIP phone systems

  • Basic security training

  • Mobile device management

  • Office 365 hardening

  • Industry software

  • Desktops / virtual desktops

  • Remote working