New addition to the Ende Collection

A new addition to the Ende Collection has us enthralled. The 1931 Remington Portable 3 is a special machine for many reasons, not the least of which is it keyboard action.

"It's an ingenious feature," says Bryan Kravitz of "Each key has a clockwork gear on it, kinda like a winged corkscrew for wine bottles. This translates the linear motion of the keys directly into rotational motion for the typebars, so they can rotate a full 180 degrees and lie totally flat when not in use." The result is a lighter machine that stands half the height of its peers. "It was the MacBook Air of its day."

What makes this machine truly special is the legend directly under the Remington logo:


This American-made French typewriter is the first in the Collection. "It's the only one," says Ellis Ende, Managing Partner of REM and founder of the Collection. "This is a treasure. I didn't even know this model existed."

Click the images below to take a closer look.