REM launches ThinkLab for blockchain accounting

(Left to right) Tyler Russell and Arthur J. DaPonte.

(Left to right) Tyler Russell and Arthur J. DaPonte.


FLORHAM PARK, NJ (April 18, 2018) – Prominent New York metropolitan area accounting and consulting firm Raich Ende Malter & Co. LLP (REM) is pleased to announce REM ThinkLab, an effort to provide thought leadership on blockchain accounting. As cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum gain ground in global commerce, an understanding of blockchain, the digital ledger technology used to record cryptocurrency transactions, is essential for the accounting profession. To aid clients and colleagues in parsing this new tech, REM ThinkLab will publish periodic whitepapers, as well as thought pieces on The REM Cycle, Raich Ende Malter’s tax blog.

Considering the relatively recent technology involved, it is only fitting that this project is the product of the firm’s younger generation of staff. REM ThinkLab is helmed by Arthur J. DaPonte, CPA, and Tyler Russell, who have already co-authored a blockchain whitepaper, an illustrated blog post, and a comprehensive glossary of blockchain technology terms for newcomers. They are currently developing a CPE course on the topic and plan to take it on the road this summer.

DaPonte and Russell are confident that blockchain is ultimately a source of new business for accountants. “As industries harness the power of blockchain to become more efficient and effective in their operations, CPAs and auditors will play an integral role in providing the public with the assurance that these processes will require,” he said. Russell added, “We are very enthusiastic about the potential implications of these new technologies on our profession and strive to stay ahead of the learning curve.”

Cornelius V. Kilbane, Jr., Partner-in-Charge of the Firm’s New York City office, agrees. “At this point, everyone has heard of blockchain and how it will revolutionize the accounting industry, but with REM ThinkLab, we are actively examining the blockchain process and its applications. As always, Raich Ende Malter is looking to the future and embracing new technology.”