Wake up with REM: Spring fling edition

Spring has sprung, the vernal equinox has been and gone, and everyone you know is sleep-deprived thanks to Daylight Saving Time. If you're looking for a break from tax season, we’ve got just the blog post for you. (Hint: it begins right below this paragraph.)

State sales tax is being collected by Amazon—but cities haven’t seen a dime. Amazon now collects sales tax in every state that has one. Why aren’t local governments receiving any of the revenue? [New York Times]

How will tax reform affect carried interest and private equity? This is the $64,000 question that only the newly enacted IRC Section 1061 can answer. [MiddleMarket.com]

How the new tax law creates a “perfect storm” for Roth IRA conversions. Word to the wise: while it’s true that contributing annually to your Roth IRA is generally a good idea, doing so does not guarantee that you will get to meet George Clooney. Yes, we were disappointed, too. [MarketWatch.com]


Raise a glass! Raich Ende Malter counts several distilleries as clients, so we would be remiss for not mentioning that March 27 of each year is International Whisk(e)y Day. The parenthetical “e” is a tip of the hat to the difference in spelling for Irish and American whiskeys and their Scottish, Canadian, and Japanese (Japanese whisky is apparently a thing) counterparts, which drop the “e.” Not to be confused with World Whisky Day or National Bourbon Day. Remember this at your next pub trivia night.

“Spring clean” your finances with these seven tips. Most people start their spring cleaning right around now. We de-clutter, wash the curtains, replace air filters, pack up our winter clothes and bring out the short-sleeved shirts. But what about neatening up your finances? [WKTR.com]

California considers lower taxes on pot to help new legal industry compete with black market. Good news for Seth Rogen! [Los Angeles Times]

VIDEO: Daylight Saving Time Explained. [YouTube]

EGG MYTH BUSTED! Balancing an egg on the equinox explained. Take that, Humpty Dumpty. [YouTube]

ICYMI: At last! A self-driving potato. [YouTube]

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