WAKE UP WITH REM: First African-American female CPA, medical marijuana tax revenue, and budget surpluses

Mary T. Washington Wylie ( source )

Mary T. Washington Wylie (source)

We’re excited to share the news that Mary T. Washington Wylie, America’s first black female CPA, is being publicly honored by the City of Chicago. Also, a heads-up regarding state budget surpluses that don’t get shared with municipalities, tax revenue for medical marijuana, and “blockchain blockchain blockchain.”

Illinois CPA Society honors first African-American female CPA. The City of Chicago and the Illinois CPA Society are honoring Mary T. Washington Wylie (1906 – 2005), the first African-American woman in the U.S. to become a certified public accountant. [Accounting Today]

Cryptocurrency mining at college campuses results in huge electric bills for schools. Bitcoin hijinks are taking place on campus. [CNBC]

“Blockchain blockchain blockchain.” This short talk was given at Crypto 2018 in Santa Barbara, California, which is a conference for mathematicians and computer scientists to discuss new findings in the world of cryptography — the study of how to encrypt and decode data so unwanted parties can't access it. [Business Insider UK]

Show us the money! 39 out of 50 states currently have budget surpluses, often amounting to several billion dollars. All of which is great, but municipal governments aren’t receiving any of the wealth. Local governments are pressured to keep taxes low, but they also need to pay for infrastructure, purchase new police vehicles, and give municipal employees COLA raises. So where’s the funding from the states? [Forbes]

$1.8 million in medical marijuana tax revenue. Montana’s initial 4% tax on marijuana providers’ gross revenues resulted in nearly $2 million in just over a year. [San Francisco Chronicle]

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