Wake up with REM: Pretty fly for a WiFi

Pretty fly for a WiFi.png

A lot has changed since the early 1990s. The internet is no longer an amenity; it’s a utility. In our current corporate culture, WiFi connectivity has come to be considered more of a right than a privilege. Right or wrong, the internet is here to stay—and today’s tax news reflects that. Read on, Macduff…

  • Sales tax bonanza for towns with an Amazon warehouse has other cities eyeing a cut. [Sacramento Bee]
  • The Inevitable Clash Between Seattle and Amazon Has Begun [Slate]
Stormy Rudy Michael Trump.png
  • Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Giuliani, Trump, and (drumroll) TAXES! Oh, come, now. You know we're a tax blog, right? How could we be talking about anything else? [Forbes]
  • Keep your head in the cloud, because that's where your ledgers will be. 5 key tech innovations helping accountants transform their businesses. [Accountancy Age]
  • Tennessee tax breaks are poaching Wall Street businesses and bringing them to Nashville. [Bloomberg]

And in keeping with our internet theme, here's how we ended up with the word "meme." It's probably not what you think...


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