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WAKE UP WITH REM: Tax refugees, excess cash, and Peruvian chickens


We hope you like chicken, because that’s the theme of this week’s “Wake Up” post. Live chickens, fried chickens, patriotic chickens, and Wall Street firms that are chickening out of New York’s higher taxes all receive our careful egg-zamination. (Sorry.)

But seriously, how will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act treat chickens? U.S. chicken importers need to know: are live chickens in Peru equivalent to cash? Liquid markets exist for them, so… maybe? [Forbes]

The burden of excess cash for corporations – what to do with all that extra spending money? What to do, what to do... [Accounting Today]

Can these cities impose a “Google tax” or “Apple tax?” Seattle’s “Amazon tax” may be inspiring other cities in Silicon Valley. [CNN Money]


Program your mind for success. Carrie Green started her first online business at the age of 20, while studying Law at the University of Birmingham. Within a few years she took the business global, selling throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe and receiving over 100,000 hits on the website every month.


The exodus has begun. Increasing numbers of businesses and individuals are pulling up stakes and moving from the Empire State to cheaper climates. Can New York afford to lose more “tax refugees?” [New York Post]

Speaking of a tax exodus, we recently reported on Alliance Bernstein’s move to Nashville for a more attractive tax environment and some of that spicy Nashville hot chicken. It looks like other Wall Street firms are following suit, migrating to Florida… [The Street]


She may be shy at first, but Jokgu the chicken heroically overcomes her shyness to peck out “America the Beautiful” on a keyboard. If you don’t have much time, skip ahead to 1:12 for the money shot.


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