Representation before the IRS and state tax authorities

With success comes visibility, but with visibility comes scrutiny. The IRS has many different ways of assuring the accuracy and integrity of our nation’s primary revenue stream, income tax. While some audits are totally random and are not based on the characteristics of your tax information, high earners are subject to higher rates of audit. When the IRS comes knocking at your door, you’ll want an experienced and tried hand to assist you with assuring the engagement goes as smoothly as possible.

The IRS is not the only authority with the power to incur steep financial penalties. Strapped for cash since the great recession, the various state tax authorities have increased their audit activity in an attempt to refill the coffers at the expense of the taxpayer. While we hope the bad apples are the only ones targeted, occasionally innocent taxpayers have to answer to the state’s tax authorities. When that call comes, you’ll want representation that’s familiar with the various state tax issues and procedures to ensure the issue is handled promptly and fairly.