Risk, Compliance, and Due Diligence

REM’s Risk, Compliance, and Due Diligence Group provides the experience, objectivity and resources that board members and senior management of public, private, and not-for-profit organizations require to meet their governance, risk, and compliance responsibilities.  The Group provides oversight on audit and accounting standards and offers technical assistance that improves operations, enhances value, and ultimately helps safeguard your organization’s future.  

Our risk and compliance services include:

  • Sarbanes Oxley compliance
  • Internal audits
  • Financial statement reviews for entities involved in merger and acquisition activity
  • GAAP compliance

The quality of your due diligence process is critical to mitigating the risk inherent in all transactions. With REM by your side, you can approach each new endeavor – from credit decisions to acquisitions or joint ventures – with a solid awareness of the accuracy of the facts that have been presented. We provide thorough and objective review and analysis that allows you to proceed with confidence.

As part of due diligence, you can rely on REM to:

  • Review historical financial data
  • Provide assurance services
  • Analyze trends
  • Evaluate systems and procedures
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the business and its practices
  • Identify areas of potential risk
  • Assess current management