State and Local Tax (SALT)
Preparation and Compliance

The rules and regulations of U.S. domestic markets vary from state to state and in each municipality. Whether you are a business or an individual, REM's SALT team provides thoughtful guidance tailored to your specific needs. With professionals who are well-versed in the regulations of every U.S. area, we can help you formulate an advantageous multi-state tax strategy to navigate the SALT minefield.

Our SALT services include:

  • Multi-state taxes and use tax
  • Sales tax audit defense
  • Tax refund recovery
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Tax amnesty agreements
  • Settlement agreements
  • Merger and acquisition analysis
  • Abandoned and unclaimed property
  • Outsourcing
  • Excise tax and motor fuels
  • Business incentives and tax credits
  • Educational seminars and training
  • Tax compliance
  • Personal property tax
  • Personal residency tax issues