The Bottom Line

With many of our franchising clients being virtually household names for generations, REM knows this market sector, and knows it well.

Leadership Team

Howard Tatz

Candice E. Cleaver

Steven P. Garofalo

What We Can Do For You

The franchise sector offers entrepreneurs and investors a world of opportunity to realize independent financial success. However, the road to success is not always an easy one and can be mired in franchise specific business issues like calculating revenue recognition, amortization of fees, and tax nexus, to name a few. REM keeps you at the forefront of trends, regulations, and information, helping your business to become and remain successful. Our professionals have a wealth of experience guiding franchisors and franchisees alike to reach their goals through careful planning and comprehensive financial advisory services, including:

  • Attest and accounting
  • Developing and implementing effective business plans
  • Developing internal audit programs to detect and control franchisee mismanagement
  • Developing compensation structures
  • Evaluation of options in raising capital and developing exit strategies
  • Implementing incentive stock option plans and benefits packages
  • Acquisitions and expansion planning
  • Operational procedure consulting
  • International importing and exporting strategy consulting
  • Obtaining venture capital financing
  • Tax advice and consulting on both corporate and personal issues